Camera Surveillance
Camera Surveillance

How about watching your office, home, industrial plant ... from anywhere in the world in real time?! Oh yes you can! You don't have an internet connection with dedicated/static IPs or VPN? Not a problem, with ITIOLOGY you go CLOUD.

Camera Surveillance is essential to institutions who wish to keep their premises safe from any unauthorized activity (theft, inventory monitoring, vandalism...) and enhance their quality control and productivity. Combining surveillance with other security and automation systems creates a powerful tool for monitoring and managing the workspace or home, whether on-site or remotely.

Whether you decide to go IP, HD or already have a legacy analog CCTV system, we provide the right solution to remotely monitor your premises from your PC, mobile phone and tablet.



Our Itiologists will train you and your staff to use all features of your surveillance system to ensure you profit from your investment to the fullest. Support, whether on site or remote, is based on the latest technologies and will insure you get the fastest and most efficient response within a minimal amount of time.


IP SYSTEMS - Tackle the future of surveillance systems!

From entry-level and cost effective SOHO IP solutions to corporate/gov systems, all our products are ISO/CE certified. For clients who which to push their system specs to state-of-the-art limits, we propose highly reliable and stable IP solutions that enable you to explore unique features in surveillance such as specific camera addressing, blurr-free zooming, car plate identification, face recognition, object detection and other video analytics features.



Another option for having a crystal clear High Definition picture. Also, a great choice for those who wish to upgrade from their conventional analog system to HD using their existing cable infrastructure and save on cabling cost. HDcctv can transmit 720p or 1080p video over 100 meters of conventional coaxial cable. We provide the best technology and commit to implementing your system in a minimal timeframe.



We provide HD systems for almost the same price as analog systems! Therefore, we do not offer off-the-shelf legacy analog systems anymore. However, we do provide maintenance and scalability to clients with existing legacy systems.



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Access Control
Access Control

Access Control has become an essential part of any institution to ensure the safety and monitoring of their workforce and properties.


Controlling and monitoring entries and exits to specific areas and zones within secured premises is among our specialties.


We provide solutions based on Biometric authentication, Prox card and password recognition. Access Control turnkey systems are IP-enabled, easily scalable, with full logging, easy management and remote monitoring through Internet/Intranet. One server, one interface to manage hundreds of terminals in various remote sites. Set the access rules of your choice at any time through user-friendly interfaces.


Cutting-edge solutions based on iris, fingerprint or facial recognition are affordable and highly reliable.


ITIOLOGY are NITGEN's sole agents since 2005, the leading Korean biometric manufacturer (Become a reseller)


Replace your keys with smart access and be in full control.

Go Paperless
Go Paperless

Your enterprise is a paper proliferating environment? Your workforce goes through archaic and bulky procedures to have a simple formality executed losing precious time that could be invested in growing your business instead? You need to go through piles of folders and dust to reach a document dating a few years back, and that might take you a couple of hours so you'd rather look into your emails for traces and hints?


Go Paperless with ITIOLOGY! We offer software (DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT / WORKFLOW / BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT / CONTENT MANAGEMENT) and consulting. We'll turn your paper-based procedures into highly-efficient and traceable processes using our Workflow/BPM and Document management software solutions, tailored to your exact needs.


- "Sounds good! That would work for our daily work from the time you implement your solution, but what about our paper backlog and archives?! Who will scan, structure and digitize all we have done so far? Will we be able to add those archives to our new system?"


ABSOLUTELY! Our team will convert all your archives into electronic form and structure it as per your needs; our specialized teams can perform the job either on site or at our dedicated workshops. The choice is yours.


- "But we do need to keep the originals for legal purposes. Will you re-arrange all of those into dedicated physical storage cabinets following the recovery as well?"


YES! Physical archiving is also a major part in turning years of junk papers into valuable and structured data. We will leave your offices in a better shape than the day you moved in!


- "What about security? We have sensitive data! What if someone gets a hold of a user/password combination and goes on our system?"


SOLVED! We were pioneers in introducing Biometric authentication to replace username-password combination in computer networks and applications, thus ensuring full security and confidentiality for your software and data, knowing it is only the authorized people that get access to the secured data, with no possibility of fraud or buddy-access. Our software packages are biometric-enabled and only live fingers will grant access!


Intrusion & Fire Detection
Intrusion & Fire Detection

Security and safety are your every day priority. Detecting a fire or intrusion is a priority to the safety and security of the client’s business or home. Keep your offices and home safe by installing a state-of-the-art fire and/or intrusion detection system from ITIOLOGY.


In the unlikely event that a fire or break in are detected during your absence, not only will your neighbours immediately know about it, but our systems will even call or text you on the spot.


Service is key for such critical systems and we make sure to deliver accuracy, quality and professionalism before all.


Our systems are easily scalable and can save you big bucks on your insurance fees, not to mention human lives!

Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance

When running a business, time management is basically your cost management. When time is money, you can't afford losing track of it. In fact, many institutions and organizations are losing large financial amounts, and in some cases meet total collapse, as a direct or indirect result of poor management of work time.


ITIOLOGY provide you with coupled hardware-software solutions based on the latest technologies and user-friendly software that keeps you coming back to check your staff attendance, even for the fun of it! Simplify your business management and comprehensively monitor and manage your workforce attendance and performance.


Biometric and proximity IP readers communicating in real-time with user-firendly software eliminate all loopholes available in traditional time-keeping systems.


ITIOLOGY are NITGEN's sole agents since 2005, the leading Korean biometric manufacturer (Become a reseller)


Goodbye to buddy-punching and fraud, it's time to be on time!

Home / Office Automation
Home / Office Automation

Why not make your office or home a smart place?


Turn on the AC / heating system, close your shutters, power up your servers, .... think of any task that you might need during your absence and we'll put it at your fingertips on your mobile whether you're in a meeting, at the supermarket or on vacation abroad.


Set the automated processes according to your needs on a colour screen. Connect your automation system to your surveillance cameras, alarm system, TV, lighting, sound... and live worry-free knowing all your logistical needs will be answered upon the simple touch of your finger.


We offer state-of-the-art products from world-renowned brands.


Stop thinking and take a leap into the future!